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Graphic Designer Rick Middleton

You've reached the website of Leicestershire Freelance Designer Rick Middleton, this website showcases many of the professional graphic design projects worked on by myself in recent years. Although I specialise in graphics, I am also fluent in website design and can provide a full solution to businesses no matter how big or small, providing a full branding package for anyone looking for a visual identitiy.

Why choose my freelance graphic & web design services?

When taking on a freelance graphic design project with an agency, you rarely get a face to face service and tend to pay higher prices to cover their overheads, I have personally worked for graphic and website design companies throughout my career and therefore offer the same quality service but also provide direct contact with all design projects, dealing with myself directly rather than a sales person or director.

Freelance Design Services

logo design and corporate identity

Branding for Leicester Businesses

A professionally designed logo gives a brand an identity, the initial logo design is the foundation for your companies marketing brand.

When a graphic designer works on a logo they will use their experience of the visual market and the look that potential customers will want to see. A graphic designer will include typography and visual elements suited to a particular purpose for the logo.

RJM Freelance Design offers logo design and corporate branding at an affordable price, if your company already has a logo then you could still consider logo development or a rebranding service which I also provide.

web design and seo

Professional Web Design & SEO

A professional website design is now an essential part of any business. A website needs to be designed so it is easily navigated, suitable for the person using it and shows the correct image of the company, in order to sell their product, promotion or service.

Update: over the last few months I have branched out in web design and internet marketing, see eFox Web Design for Leicester for more information. The web design services cover the Leicestershire area, offering a free consultation.

Utilising the skills of a professional graphic designer or web developer on your website will only prove to be successful, if potential and existing clients can search for and find your website correctly. Therefore website design is only the start. Once the design has been completed you might be wondering about getting your site listed on Google search for relative terms and this is also something that I can assist you with.

In order to get a modern day website to show up on Google the website needs to be "SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly" and sufficient off-page SEO work needs to be carried out by an seo specialist, This ensures that potential customers will come across the website via search engines and be directed to it correctly.

As well as being a fully experienced freelance web designer, I also provide Search Engine Optimisation in Leicester as well as throughout the UK meaning that I can provide you with both these services as part of an affordable package.

promotional design

Poster, Flyer & Promotional Design

Promotional design is very different from traditional graphic design in that it needs to make an impact and quickly.

With a promotional product such as a flyer design or poster design the viewer needs to be left to think about whatever it is that the design is trying to promote.

A professional graphic designer such as myself will come up with a creative method for getting the correct message across to the viewer making sure they remember the brand, product or service that is on offer.

Don't cut corners and ensure you get a professional poster design by an experienced promotional designer to get the response you need from your products or services.

business card design

Corporate Business Card Design

Leaving a calling card is important and when a graphic designer creates a business card it isn't just a card with a name on it, a business card designed correctly leaves a lasting impression of a person or the company they represent.

A creative business card by a freelance graphic designer will show what the company is about and create a bond between the customer and supplier.

I provide professional business cards and corporate business card design to fit your company’s needs providing both design and print for both small and large quantities.

other graphic design

Other Freelance Design Services

Graphic design is everywhere, It would be impossible to name all the items that you could apply graphic design and creative skills to.

Branding is essential in the modern day and no item or product should ever be ruled out from inspiration or creative input from a graphic designer. Whether its a marketing trend or a new craze graphic design can easily be implemented into any product.