Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Design

If you're looking for a freelance graphic designer then you have come to the right place, Rick Middleton is a freelance graphic designer based in Leicester that provides graphic design on a freelance basis to any company specifically looking for a creative and skilful freelance graphic designer. Although based in Leicester where I have a reputation as being an excellent freelance graphic designer I also provide my graphic design services online to anyone who is interested in my unique creative design process and high quality of work.

Why Choose a Freelance Graphic Designer over a Design Agency?

A design agency has many different designers all working on different projects, you will rarely get to speak to a designer one to one, with a freelance graphic designer not only do you get to speak to them one to one to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for you also save on costs as a freelance graphic designer does not have to pay the costs of that of what a design agency would for overheads. This means that a freelance graphic designer can give you a high quality design agency standard of work but for a much affordable price ensuring that the freelance graphic designer and their clients both benefit!

So how does Freelance Graphic Design work?

With freelance graphic design it can work in a variety of ways, you may want a freelance graphic designer to complete a one off piece of work such as a promotional product, poster, logo or website etc. However you may want to contract a freelance graphic designer if you have lots of work coming up, for instance maybe you are staging a music event in the summer and leading up to this you could get a freelance graphic designer to complete all of the promotional work, stage banners and advertisements until the end of that contract, should you be happy with the freelance graphic design work and you were staging the same event next year you might want to set up a new contract with them again.

The difference between a Freelance Graphic Designer and Agency worker

Many freelance graphic designers like myself have worked at a design agency or as a graphic designer in a company and already have exactly the same experience and qualifications, so with a freelance graphic designer you can have both the quality of work you would get from a design agency coupled with a low cost and a more personal one to one consultation meaning you get the best results out of your designer.