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Logo Design, Development and Corporate Branding in Leicester

RjmDesign.org.uk has a great reputation for providing quality logo design in Leicester and the surrounding areas, the logo design service is however not just limited to Leicester as I can provide a quality logo design through an online basis meaning that the whole process can be done through email, this page details all of the logo design services I provide, you will find that many of these services can be very bespoke and tailor made to suit all needs.

Logo Design & Identity

I provide both a simple budget logo design service and a corporate logo design service dependant on the type of business you have whether it be that you are looking for a cheap, simple but effective and timeless logo or a corporate business logo that needs to have a strong identity, I can ensure that you get the correct logo design for your company.

Logo Redesign & Rebranding

Do you already have a logo design and itís not what youíre looking for or maybe the logo is dated and does not represent your company anymore? What you may need is a logo redesign or a development. This means I can redesign and rebrand your logo to make sure it is still recognisable among your client base but freshen it up so it gives the correct impression of the company and doesn't look dated. Logo redesign or development could be the right choice for you to kick-start your company campaigns.

Corporate Branding & Brand Recognition

Some people do not recognise the importance of corporate branding; branding is the selling point to any company, product or service. Branding starts with a logo design but that's just the groundwork, what colours, typography and feel goes with your logo? I can provide a full branding service where additional to logo design, redesign or development you can get full corporate identity manual providing guidelines on how to use the logo in both web and print, which pantone colours to use, the typography that should be associated with your brand and the guidelines for advertising.

Logo Concepts and Revisions

With logo design you may want more than one provisional design creating, although any logo that an experienced logo designer creates would be suitable for that particular business and marketing purpose, you may want to see a few different logo ideas and pick which one appeals more to you, in this case I can quote for any different amount of provisional designs dependant on the kind of budget your business is on.

I will also provide a limited number of revisions when creating a logo design should there be any small changes that you would like to apply, although this does tend to be rare as I will always get a full design brief from the client before going ahead with the design to ensure that the logo is tailor made to suit that particular client.