Web Design in Leicester

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Web Design, Development, Redesign and SEO Service in Leicester

With years of experience working in Leicester in web design and development and a qualification in web design as well as full SEO training from an SEO company in Leicester, I can provide you with a professional web design service whether you are in Leicester or would like me to work with you on an online only basis there is nothing in the web design field that I cannot offer!

Web Design

I can provide a complete bespoke web design service, creating a website to suit your needs, you can contact me for a free consultation to ensure you get exactly what you need out of your website. From my time as a Leicester website designer, I can create any kind of website from a simple one page website or modification of a template to more complex ecommerce and sites with booking systems. A website is now the most important marketing tool, if you do not have a trustworthy and professional website then you do not have a chance against your competitors! Let RjmDesign.org.uk give you a fighting chance!

Redesign a Website

You may already have a website which has been completed but you are not happy with it or it could do with a revamp. I provide a full redesign service where I can use the existing site as a template to work from which cuts down on the costs for time of starting from scratch, you may also which to implement something new or change an existing part to which I also offer a full web development service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

During my time in Leicester as a web designer I acquired many skills including search engine optimisation;, many people do not understand what this involves. SEO is now an essential part of any website that wants to attract customers; if your site isn't optimised then people will simply not come across it through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With my experience in SEO I can guarantee first page Google results for certain keywords associated with your business. I will also send you a regular report to show what work I have carried out and how it has effected your positions.

The SEO service provides full keyword analysis as well as technical review, full optimisation and off page SEO work to ensure your website is shown where it should be in the search engines!

White Hat SEO Service

I also follow "white hat" SEO which means I don't go against the guidelines of the search engines meaning your site will maintain the positions over time so long as the SEO work continues, there are many inexperienced freelancers and workers from India that provide a "black hat" SEO service, this means that very quickly your website gets great positions in Google and to start with you are very happy but then as soon as Google or any of the other search engines pick up on this "black hat" way of working against their guidelines they will remove the website from their results completely, once it has been removed it is a very difficult and time consuming process to get it back in the listings and will most likley never return to the first page.

SEO Copywriting Service

When your web page is optimised one thing you need to get recognised by the search engines is content. Search engines want to give the user the most relevant information and as much of it as possible to what they are searching for, Therefore it maybe that you require further content that is SEO friendly to increase the success of your SEO campaign. Working with freelance copywriters I can create content that is search engine friendly ensuring that the keywords that people are searching for are included in the content.

Online Web Marketing

There’s web page design and SEO to get your company recognised but what about web marketing? I can promote your site on many of the best sites on the internet specific to your company, additional to linking through to your site when people visit; you will often find information on your website coming up in search results for other websites increasing traffic and enquiries indirectly! I often offer this service additional to the SEO dependant on the relevance to your website, many online stores benefit greatly from this service selling items that people have searched other websites for.